Packing Supplies

Disc Lock: This lock type is considered the industry standard. There are many advantages of choosing a disc lock. To start, they were actually developed specifically for self storage facilities and are recommended across the industry as the go-to lock to use. To remove a disc lock without having the key requires a bit of time and tools. Someone who is not authorized to be on the property will quickly move on to an easier target (like a padlock or key-less lock).

Padlocks: A good padlock will require very little maintenance. However, the inner working mechanisms in padlocks can become stiff over time. Use a can of compressed air to blow dust out of the inside of the padlock and a few drops of light weight 3n1 oil. If this is done on an annual basis, it should keep the lock working like new for many years.

Dish and Glass Saver Kits: These kits, in a sense, are a skeleton for your small boxes to keep your glassware and dishes organized and safe. Secure your glasses in the foam wrapping provided and stack your plates with foam liners to help prevent chips and scratches.

Furniture Covers; Help provide a barrier while your belongings are not in use. Mattress and couch covers are some examples of covers that may be available.

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